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Mother and Father (SPOILERS)


My favorite line in “Mother” was when Jeremy said, “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like the taste of blood.”  The line had great imagery and depth to it.  It was very well written.

It was an interesting twist when we learned that Rachel inherited her manipulative success from her mother.  While speaking to Anna, Rachel recited exact lines that her mother used on her.  It was so eerie, it gave me chills.

In “Mother,” Chet approached Anna about her late father.  He found out about her father’s drug addiction and started questioning his own drug use.  Unlike his usual laid back self, Chet began to freak out.  The conversation was very awkward and unbelievable.  To make this plotline worse, Chet ended up having a medical scare because of his drug use, making it anything but coincidental.  I would have preferred if his heart attack occurred further into the season or if Chet had the conversation with Anna after his health scare.  It was just too predictable and felt like a setup.

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