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Family Dinner


I’ve always wondered about Carter’s friends from her old life.  Max was the only one who kept in contact with Carter since she discovered the truth about Lori.  It was interesting to meet Madison.  I hope she sticks around for a while.  Her character provides more insight into Carter and her past.

The main storyline in “Riptide” was the preparation for Elizabeth’s birthday dinner.  The family was finally going to spend time all together since Elizabeth and David’s separation.  As the episode neared its conclusion, I realized that the family never had dinner.  At least the writers acknowledged this.  “You know the worst part of this family dinner,” Taylor said.  “That there was no dinner,” Carter responded.

Two episodes ago, David was heartbroken when Elizabeth revealed that she wanted a divorce, but since that emotional scene, it doesn’t seem like anything has changed.  Shouldn’t they be in the process of filing for a divorce?  David was surprisingly happy in “Riptide.”

“Riptide” might be my favorite episode of “Finding Carter” so far this season.  It held my interest more than previous episodes and had less superficial storylines.

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