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History Yet to Be Written (SPOILERS)


Season 3 of “Orphan Black” started with the seestras all together in Helena’s dream and ended with the seestras coming together for a family dinner.  It was the first time all season that the main four clones were together.  It framed the season, having it come full circle.  The family dinner scene also emphasized the importance of family, friends, and love.

Like the dancing scene from season 2, the family dinner scene was another multi-clone scene.  While watching, I almost forgot that half of the characters in the scene were played by one actress.  It is beyond impressive how well the technical crew edited the scene.  It was flawless.

“History Yet to Be Written” ended on a relatively happy note.  The last scene was of Sarah and Kira reuniting.  The final shot was very artistic.  Sarah and Kira were lying on the snow.  Kira wore a bright red coat that stuck out against the white background, drawing us in.  The camera panned out and spun around the mother and daughter pair in the center.  “History Yet to Be Written” ended with a beautiful visual.

I was not expecting Ferdinand to freak out when he found out about the Neolutionists.  His reaction seemed like a sudden change in character.  It took me off guard.  But I guess it means that he really does love Rachel.

Delphine finally found out that Rachel was replaced by Krystal, but we never got any follow-up on it.  What happened to Krystal?  Did she go back home?  Is she still at Dyad?  None of the other clones knew about Krystal’s situation either.  Her storyline seems too open-ended.

I wish we got more time with Art this season.  We saw more vulnerability from him, but I wanted to go further and explore that side of him.  In “History Yet to Be Written,” Art only made two appearances.  He gave Sarah and Felix the whereabout of Mark and Gracie, and he was there for the family dinner.  It seems like Art is only written in when it’s convenient to have a cop.  He’s the forgotten clone clubber.  I want to see more of him next season.

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