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Meet Your Villain


We learned more about Jay in “Wife.”  We learned about his career goals, which was interesting.  I want to learn more about the other crew members. It seems like a horrible job at times, so I wonder why some of them are even there.

Chet definitely became a villain in “Wife.”

The scene where Adam performed a “favor” for Chet and his friend made me feel very uncomfortable.  And I’m sure that’s what the writers and director intended.  I felt like I was in Rachel’s shoes.  I was disgusted and felt horrible for Adam.

I don’t understand why Quinn was with Chet in the first place.  He’s not a nice person, he’s not that attractive, and Quinn knew him before he was rich.  I hope we learn more about the inception of their relationship.

All of a sudden, Rachel is all cleaned up.  Adam noted that she was even wearing eye liner.  In the previous episode, Rachel ripped up her mother’s check.  Yet, this episode, she somehow she seems to be doing better.  Where is she living?  Where is she finding the money?

It would have made more sense for Quinn or anyone in the crew to check out Adam’s vineyard before agreeing to film there.  It would have made even more sense if they didn’t see it for the first time just days before filming.  This would never happen in real life and was a sloppy mistake.

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