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Lori’s At It Again (SPOILERS)


“I Knew You Were Trouble” was filled with flashbacks to Carter’s childhood with Lori.  We learned a lot more about their lifestyle.  They moved around constantly, sometimes without notice.  But Carter still felt loved by Lori.

Elizabeth and Taylor finally acknowledged that Carter will always have a connection to Lori.  This realization was progressive, insightful, and mature.  Anyone can relate and apply this to a variety of situations.  You cannot judge someone for being tied to something in his/her past.  You can only be there to support him/her.

Lori continues to manipulate Carter, and Carter always gives in.  It’s a repetitive storyline that’s starting to get annoying.  Carter’s a smart girl.  She should know better by now.

One of the most unrealistic parts of “I Knew You Were Trouble” was Gabe’s conversation with Elizabeth about his father.  Gabe told Elizabeth that his dad wants to move in with her.  In doing so, he attempted to give Elizabeth relationship advice.  This scene felt inappropriate.  Gabe seemed too knowledgable about his father’s love life.  Also, this conversation with Elizabeth was a very mature conversation.  I had difficulty believing that a teenage boy in high school would speak to his father’s lover like this.

Grant did not make an appearance in “I Knew You Were Trouble.”  He wasn’t with his parents, siblings, or grandmother.  Poor Grant, looks like he was forgotten again.

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