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Protocol aka The Boring Stuff


For the past two episodes, director, Lone Scherfig, has used real life footage from the 1960s.  Sometimes the characters are even inserted into the old footage, reminding me of “Forest Gump.”  It’s well done and makes the show more interesting.

Watching “The Astronaut Wives Club” has taught me a lot about US history and the space program.

“Protocol” ended with the astronauts and wives in a parade through NYC.  During the scene, modern, electric music played.  While it fit with the upbeat tone of the scene, it didn’t fit the time period and confused me.

The dialogue in “The Astronaut Wives Club” is very awkward and scripted.  Two scenes that illustrated this were the scene when Gus gave the maid’s son an autograph and the scene when Trudy’s daughter found the newspaper article about Trudy’s aviation friend.  The actors delivered their lines monotonously.  It was uncomfortable to watch because it felt very forced.

“Protocol” was boring and stale.  There’s no big super objective or antagonist.  “The Astronaut Wives Club” just seems to be filled with silly drama.

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