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“Integrity” had some great lines.  One of my favorites was when Jay said, “I have a Manny and a pedi,” after speaking to Gloria about Joe’s painted nails.  It was very clever writing.  Another great line was when Gloria said, “No, no, nothing I say is easy to say.”  I always love when the writers have Gloria poke fun at herself.  It makes her character more humble.

Mitch and Cam are once again teasing us with another baby.  We’ve been down this road before.  I hope the writers don’t lead us on again.

Alex was extra annoying and self-absorbed in “Integrity.”  She’s become very unlikable this season.  And especially this episode, she reminded me of the arrogant and pompous kids in high school who got all the glory.  If the writers want me to sympathize with Alex, she needs to become a more developed character and not a caricature.

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