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The Truth Comes Out (SPOILERS)


In “Truth” was the first time we saw Quinn manipulate one of the contestants, Mary.  It was interesting to see her in the manipulative role.  She is just as talented as Rachel.

I was glad to see Rachel do some good and help Faith.  It was refreshing and a nice break for Rachel.

Shout out to Shiri Appleby’s (Rachel) acting.  She fully embodies a character I’ve never met before; Rachel is completely original.  And she is deeply flawed, but I empathize with her very easily.

The whole coming out storyline was a bit confusing.  At first, Faith was hesitant, not wanting to sin.  Then, Faith had a change of heart and wanted to come out.  But before filming was through, she changed her mind yet again.  It was so wishy-washy and messy, which is realistic for people in this type of situation; however, for the context of a TV show, it was a bit hard to follow.

“Truth” went deeper into examining mental illness, most particularly, Rachel’s depression.  Mental illness is a subject that needs to be better understood and discussed more.  “UnREAL” is being progressive in doing so.

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