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Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun (SPOILERS)


“Rumor Has It” had a great opening.  After the opening credits, we got a shot of just Max’s face.  He was looking directly towards the camera.  He was apologizing for sleeping with Carter, but we couldn’t see who he was speaking to.  It was a great way to catch my interest.

The main storyline in “Rumor Has It” was about telling Taylor that Carter and Max slept together.  It was a rather superficial storyline compared to all the stuff that happened between Carter and Lori last episode.  I would have expected Carter to be focused on the Lori situation just as much as the Max situation.

While at the grandparents’ cabin, the Wilson twins and their friends watched the “Insidious” series.  In fact, they even commented about the third movie which came out recently.  Sounds like advertising…I see what the writers did there.

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