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Will They? Won’t They? We May Never Know… (SPOILERS)


My favorite part of “American Skyper” was Haley’s storyline.  I empathized with her more than any other character this episode.  I was on her side, and for once, she was the only one who was right and knew exactly what she was talking about.  Beth was messing with her.

The biggest disappointment of “American Skyper” was how the storyline with Haley and Andy ended.  We’re back to where we started at the end of season five.  They both like each other, but won’t admit it.  Nothing progressed with this storyline all season, which irritates me.

Some of the acting in “American Skyper” was really poor.  One example was when Mitchell gave Alex her birthday present from him.  Alex was overly thankful and Mitchell was anything but humble.  The acting was so forced, it was unbelievable.  I cringed.

Phil was only present in “American Skyper” in the form of a robot.  I have one question: Why?  Was actor, Ty Burrell, not available to film the season finale?  Was there any real reasoning behind it?  To piggy back off of that, I’ve noticed that the writers have incorporated a lot of fancy technology into the episodes this season.

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