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Wrecking Ball (SPOILERS)


Anna Jacoby-Heron (Taylor) is one of the most talented criers I have ever seen.  Her eyes turn red.  Her brows furrow.  Seeing Taylor cry is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on this show.  It looks so real.

I never realized how dangerous Elizabeth’s job was until we saw her chasing two armed men.  It was intense.  I like how the mother of the Wilson family is the one with the demanding, dangerous job.  it’s refreshing to see a woman like her on TV.

The “Italian Oven Restaurant” is the lamest name ever.  They seriously couldn’t think of anything better?  The bland name makes the food seem even worse.  Why would the Wilsons want to eat there?

In “Wrecking Ball,” we saw a scene where Gabe interacted with his father.  They had dinner together.  I really like the dynamic between the two of them.  They’re very close.  As I was watching the episode, I thought about how I wanted to see them interact more.  Then, that bombshell ending happened…

What will happen to Gabe?  Will he live with other family members?  Or will the Wilson’s open their doors to another troubled teenager?

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