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I’m Not the Only One (SPOILERS)


Each episode of “Finding Carter” in season two was named after a song title.  It was creative, but I wonder why…

We finally learned Bird’s real name: Roberta!

There was some elephant/armadillo bonding this episode.  It had been a while since Carter and Grant interacted one-on-one, so it made me happy.

How and why is Gabe staying in his home by himself?  1) Why would his relatives leave him alone?  2) How will he pay for bills and rent?  It’s just completely unrealistic.

Why was David so rude about Elizabeth asking to invite Gabe over?  He hesitated and almost looked disgusted.  I know Gabe is Kyle’s son, but he’s also a friend of David’s daughters who just lost his dad.  David’s mannerisms in this scene seemed too cold for his character.

The big bombshell of “I’m Not the Only One” was Benjamin Wallace.  He claims that he is David’s biological son.  David looked as dumbfounded as the rest of us.  Show me the proof, and then I’ll believe it.  But, the psychic was right!  I knew it!

That’s it?  That’s how it ended?  That was such a huge cliffhanger!  Bring on season three!

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