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This Thing Called Love


“Goldbergs Feel Hard” was all about love.  Both Barry and Adam found out they that were in love with their girlfriends (which I found hard to believe).  Murray and Erica actually admitted aloud that they loved one another.  The writers are very clever in creating the characters of both Murray and Erica.  They are very similar, which worked well with their storyline in “Goldbergs Feel Hard.”

“Goldbergs Feel Hard” ended with a montage of clips.  It was a great way to end the season, resurfacing some nostalgia.

In “Goldbergs Feel Hard,” Barry took on the role of the school mascot, and it was the creepiest mascot I have ever seen.  It had beady little eyes, and it’s teeth were showing, yet it wasn’t smiling.  The prop team did a great job in creating the mascot.

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