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As much as I love show business, “UnREAL” and this episode in particular made me not want to work in show business.  It’s cruel and manipulative.  It’s every man or woman for his or herself.

I can’t believe they used stunt doubles to show Adam and Anna riding horses.  And when they shot close-ups, Adam was on a mechanical horse!  It was so staged and anything but romantic.  I can’t believe reality dating shows are this fake; they’re worse than I thought.

I’m glad we got to hear more from the psychologist, Dr. Wagerstein, in “Princess.”  I can’t imagine how conflicted she must feel about her job.  I want to learn even more about her.  Why is she working for “Everlasting” in the first place?

Why did Quinn go all the way to LA just to turn right back around?  She even had her flash drive of ideas with her, yet she didn’t pitch any of them when she was there.  Couldn’t she have had her talk with Brad via Skype?  It seemed unnecessary and disappointing to me.  I thought something bigger was going to happen.

“Princess” ended with a cliffhanger.  Will Rachel and Adam run away together?  Bring on the season finale!

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