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Teen Wolf Season 3: How Do We Recover? (SPOILERS)


Each season, “Teen Wolf” gets darker.  The stakes were raised in season three.  There was more violence, more threats, more characters, and more supernatural…

Season three was twice as long as the past two seasons and because of this, so much happened.  An alpha pack invaded Beacon Hills.  A supernatural English teacher performed human sacrifices.  A werecoyote was turned back into a human.  A family of Kitsune moved into Beacon Hills.  Oni attacked Scott’s pack.  And Stiles was possessed by a Nogitsune.

Each episode of season three felt like a season finale.  The episodes were exciting and packed with tons of action.  And each one ended with a cliffhanger, making me beg for more.

Throughout the season, there were references to literature, economics, and science, reminding us that the characters are still in school.  One example was when they referred to the book, “Heart of Darkness,” a classic almost everyone can remember reading in high school.  References such as this make “Teen Wolf” more relatable, and a bit more realistic.  It’s a show about teens that actually somewhat acknowledges that these teens go to school and have assignments.

A central focus in season three was about the Japanese internment camps in California during World War II.  I found this fascinating.  That part of American history is constantly overlooked, especially in film and TV.  I’m glad “Teen Wolf” explored that time period.

Dylan O’Brien played two characters this season: Stiles and the Nogitsune-possessed Stiles.  O’Brien did a great job in differentiating between the two characters.  I could tell who was who just by his change in mannerisms; it was impressive.  Nogitsune-possessed Stiles was creepy and twisted.  He reminded me of the Joker in DC comics.  Overall, O’Brien brought a lot of emotion to the show, proving that he has a lot of potential as an actor.

Lydia has become one of my favorite characters.  She has developed so much over the course of the series, and she keeps becoming more and more prominent.  I look forward to continuing to see her grow and her relationships strengthen.

I am absolutely shocked that Allison is dead.  On top of that, Aiden died as well.  It made the season end on a very somber note.  Not to mention that Boyd and Erica died earlier in the season.  But on the plus side, it made the show more realistic (or as realistic as a show about the supernatural can be).  Teens are constantly dying in Beacon Hills, and Scott’s pack always seems to be involved with the drama, yet they all miraculously survive.  It’s a surprise that they haven’t had any casualties yet…until now.  But fear not; all hope is not lost.  Characters on “Teen Wolf” have a habitat of coming back from the dead.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

There were several unfinished storylines in season three of “Teen Wolf.”  1) At the end of the mid-season finale, Peter slashed Jennifer’s throat and shouted that he was an alpha.  What did the mean by that?  2) We never followed up on Deucalion.  Is he still a threat?  3) Also what happened to Jennifer?  Is she truly dead?  4) After the mid-season return, Scott, Stiles, and Allison struggled with the darkness inside them from saving their parents.  They each experienced hallucinations for a few episodes, and then the hallucinations suddenly stopped (except for Stiles).  What happened?  Dr. Deaton told them that they needed to close their minds, but none of the characters changed anything.  5) We never found out who attacked the twins with wolfsbane in the second-to-last episode of the season.  Chris Argent recognized the bullets, but never actually said who they came from.  There were a lot of plot holes in season three, and while they didn’t bother me too much, they illustrate that the writers tried to tackle on too many plotlines at once.  I wonder if any of these storylines will be resolved in upcoming episodes….

It was so hard to keep track of all the names and legends introduced this season.  Some of them sounded so similar, it was confusing, such as Deucalion and Darach, and Nogitsune and Kitsune.  On top of that, I’m still not entirely sure of what every creature is and does.

I was unimpressed with Adren Cho’s (Kira) acting.  I found her performance to be stale and monotonous,  She lacked depth and emotion.  I hope she steps it up in season four.

After having watched this season, “Teen Wolf” is starting to become one of my favorite shows.  I love all of the characters and how they’re all uniquely different.  And the episodes are so suspenseful.  However, after that depressing ending, I needed to take some time to digest everything that happened.  Here’s hoping season four is just as engrossing, but maybe a bit happier.

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