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Fear the Walking Dead Premiere: Slow and Frightening Like a Zombie (SPOILERS)

fear the walking dead

I have never seen any of “The Walking Dead,” not even five minutes of it.  I’ve never really had an interest.  This week, however, I watched “Fear the Walking Dead” with my friend.  And I will say, it wasn’t bad.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is a prequel to “The Walking Dead.”  It has its own characters and plot, but it takes place in the same universe at the start of the zombie apocalypse.  A difficulty with making prequels is keeping the audience’s interest since they already know the future.  Because of this, the characters and their stories need to be interesting enough.

The cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” was extremely diverse.  It was filled with people of different ethnicities, making it more representative of the population than most TV shows and films.  “Fear the Walking Dead” has set a precedent.

I was impressed with Frank Dillane’s acting.  He played the drug addict, Nick (a character I usually wouldn’t associate myself with).  I sympathized with him more than any other character in this episode.  Dillane portrayed Nick’s internal struggle and confusion with trying to decipher fantasy from reality.  I could feel Nick’s frustration.

One of my favorite parts of the pilot episode was when Madison and Travis were driving home and reached the traffic stop.  There were tons of helicopters and police.  Immediately, I began freaking out, but the characters barely even noticed the situation.  Unlike me, they don’t know the future.  I appreciated the fact that the characters were nonchalance about the traffic.  What did they have to worry about?  It increased the tension and reminded me of a horror film.  I just wanted to yell at the characters to get out and run away.

One of the creepiest parts of the pilot episode was the footage of the zombie attacking cops and EMS officers.  The zombie just started eating them, and when they shot him, he wouldn’t die.  It was eerie because this is exactly how something like this would start– a viral video that makes absolutely no sense, you almost can’t believe it.

Surprise, surprise, the zombie TV show was gory.  I’m not the biggest fan of gore.  I had to close my eyes a few times, most particularly when we saw Cal after he was hit by a car.  His face was disgusting.

The pilot of “Fear the Walking Dead” was a 90 minute episode; though, they didn’t need the full 90 minutes.  There were only zombies at the very beginning (before the opening credits) and the end of the episode.  The first zombie attack drew us in and the second one left us begging for episode two, forgetting the boring 60 minutes in between.  The rest of the episode was rather slow.  I found myself getting distracted and losing interest.  The episode would have been better if it was shorter.

I will say, I am curious and will probably end up watching episode two.

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