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When I asked one of my best friends what she thought about the “Awkward” season five premiere, she responded with “meh,” and I thought that was a perfect reaction.  “Prank Amateurs” wasn’t anything special.  It was disappointing for a season premiere.  It was forgettable and repetitive.  As usual, Jenna was conflicted about something to do with Matty; Tamara was overly excited and impulsive; Matty and Jake found themselves liking the same girl; Sadie was crabby and dealing with family issues; and Lissa was boasting about God.  Nothing about this episode made it stand out.  It didn’t get me excited for season five.

The best part of “Prank Amateurs” was Sadie’s storyline.  Her character is so complex and has to deal with much more serious issues compared to the other characters.  One of the big bombshells in “Prank Amateurs” was when Sadie’s mother showed up.  Will Sadie ever forgive her mother for abandoning her?  I’m curious to see how this storyline unfolds over the course of the season.

I did not like the directing in “Prank Amateurs.”  It was very staged.  A group of characters would be talking and then–all in one shot–the camera would move to another group of characters.  Once the camera was on them, the new group would commence their dialogue.  This made the lines feel forced and awkward.  You could tell that the actors were waiting for cues before starting their lines.  It wasn’t fluid or natural enough and took me out of the world of the story.

Season five of “Awkward” has yet to impress me.  Here’s hoping episode two is more exciting!

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