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Val’s Disappearance (SPOILERS)


I preferred “Short Circuit Party” over the previous episode.  It was filled with some clever, hilarious lines, reminding me why I started watching “Awkward” in the first place.

I loved the chemistry between Jenna and Matty at the end of “Short Circuit Party.”  Jenna drove a drunk Matty home, and he kept saying that he would offer her to stay over if he wasn’t so intoxicated.  It was subtle and simple, and it made fans crazy.

“Short Circuit Party” ended on a high note.  Not only did we have a “Jatty” moment, there was also a cute moment with Sadie and her mom.  I’m still not fond of Sadie’s mother, but it was super sweet when she left a note for Sadie.

Is Val gone for good?  So far this season, her storyline has focused on her living situation.  She moved in with Will; however, she wasn’t enjoying it even though there wasn’t anything truly wrong.  Then, she moved in with Lacey.  But that didn’t last either.  At the end of “Short Circuit Party,” Val left note for Lacey and Will, informing them that she decided to leave and focus on herself.  Was this storyline just a setup for the actress’ exit from the show?  What will the show be like without Val’s odd comments?

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