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Blind Spots


As I saw in trailers for the show, “Blindspot” opened with a police officer finding an unattended bag in Times Square.  Fearing it may be a bomb, the FBI cleared out Times Square to investigate.  It was very eerie to see Times Square barren.  Right off the bat, tension was high.

The pilot episode of “Blindspot” was action packed.  The FBI had to stop a subway bombing.  Throughout the episode, they were running around the city and interacting with a variety of dangerous individuals.  Jane Doe begged to join the agents so she wouldn’t be left alone.  Completely ignoring common sense, they agreed.  In reality, there is absolutely no way that the FBI would let Jane Doe go into the field with the agents.  It is dangerous.  She could get in the way.  Also, she is very important.  She has essential information tattooed all over her body, and she is obviously a suspect, witness, and/or victim.

FBI Agent, Kurt Weller, is kind of bland, especially considering the fact that he is one of the main characters.  He is monotonous and lacks a personality.  And of course, he’s already set up to be Jane Doe’s love interest even though there is absolutely nothing special about him.  I really hope he becomes more interesting the more we learn about him.

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