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Teen Wolf Season Five (So Far): The Disturbed Doctors Will See You Now (SPOILERS)


As soon as season five of “Teen Wolf” opened, it proved that it was going to be the darkest and most cinematic season yet.  The first image we saw was of Lydia standing under a shower head.  Her back was to us.  You could see the mist rising from the water as it fell.  The empty room was practically swallowed by darkness.  This opening scene immediately set the tone for the rest of the season.

Season five of “Teen Wolf” was extremely dark.  There were more casualties, and the deaths were far more gruesome.  It was definitely the most gory and disturbing season of “Teen Wolf” yet.

Throughout the course of the series, we’ve seen Stiles tackle anxiety.  This season, he was more open about it than ever before.  In a time in society when people are starting to take more notice of mental illness, “Teen Wolf” decided to tackle the topic.  I love how vocal and honest Stiles is about his anxiety.  He proves that it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Throughout season five, the characters would pay tribute to Allison.  One example was when all the seniors signed the library stands.  They signed Allison’s initials.  It was very sweet, and illustrated that the characters are still affected by her death.  Though, of course, they still have yet to make any mention of Isaac.

I ship every romantic relationship on “Teen Wolf;” it doesn’t matter if the relationship is new or different.  I shipped Scott and Allison then Isaac and Allison.  I ship Stiles and Lydia, but also Stiles and Malia, and Lydia and Parish.  I also shipped Derek and Braedan.  It helps that all of the actors on this show are extremely attractive; this, along with the writing, creates great sexual tension on the show.  In addition to this, I’ve liked almost every character on “Teen Wolf.”  They all differ in their personalities, but at the root, they all have good intentions.  They are all well written characters, and they all have unique, dynamic relationships (both romantic and friendly) with one another.

Each season of “Teen Wolf” usually follows a plotline about a killer or dark spirit causing havoc in Beacon Hills.  The focus of the season is usually centered around solving the identity of the killer/dark spirit.  It makes the show mysterious and suspenseful.  The writers constantly write suspicious characters and lead us down wrong paths, tricking us.  Eventually we find out who the killer is, though he/she isn’t always who we’d expect.  Season five didn’t have this mysterious element.  As soon as Theo came to town, Stiles pinned him as being a bad guy, and he was right.  We found out the truth before the rest of the pack.  We were shown clips of Theo concocting his evil deeds.  I don’t know how I felt about this.  It made the plotline more predictable and decreased the tension.  However, I don’t know if the same story could have been told without us being knowledgable about where Theo’s loyalties lied.  We wouldn’t have received as much information about the Dread Doctors if we were in the dark about everything.

The first episode of season five shuffled between present and future.  This timing was used to frame the episode.  The episode started in the future; Lydia was a patient in Eichen House.  The episode also ended in the future.  Lydia revealed what happened to her friends, and we were shown brief clips of them; it wasn’t good.  The episode ended with an Eichen House staff member about to drill a hole in Lydia’s forehead.  Then the screen went completely black.  Immediately, I wanted to know what happened.  What was this season going to bring?  Why is Lydia in Eichen House and where is everyone else now?  This was a great way to start off the season.  Unfortunately, when we got to the mid-season finale, we still weren’t caught up to Lydia’s future time in Eichen House, which only means that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

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