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Burned at the Stake (SPOILERS)


In “Now You See Me, Now I Don’t,” Tamara created a phrase to describe Jenna’s trance-like thinking face: analysis paralysis.  It’s the perfect description, plus, it rhymes!

While Jenna was voted “most depressing,” Tamara was voted “most likely to marry a deaf person.”  Obviously, this was referencing the fact that Tamara talks a lot.  Unfortunately, Tamara did not get it and took the superlative literally.  Her naivety made the scene even more humorous.

My favorite line in “Now You See Me, Now I Don’t” came from Ally.  “I wasn’t going to miss seeing my favorite witch get burned at the stake,” she said to Sadie after Sadie discovered her at the mother/daughter banquet.  This line was beautifully written.  It was both metaphorical and sassy.

In “Now You See Me, Now I Don’t,” the senior girls attended the mother/daughter banquet where the mothers impersonated their teenage daughters.  Of course, we all know that Lacey and Jenna have very different personalities.  Lacey wanted to dress as Jenna with the cast on her arm.  Expectedly, Jenna was upset.  She didn’t want to keep being known as the girl who tried to kill herself (especially considering the fact that it was all an accident).  In the end, Jenna gave in and decided that she should laugh at her past and not let it bother her so much.  I agree with that to a point, but the arm cast just took it too far.  Most of the characters still think that Jenna actually did try to kill herself, so why would they ever make fun of that.  It’s cruel.

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