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A New Direction


The director of “The Dis-Engagement Dinner,” was none other than the star, Ashley Rickards (Jenna).  I was impressed with how she approached Matty and Jake’s make up scene.  At the engagement party, a drunk Gabby fell onto the couch.  We watched this from behind the couch.  As she fell, we saw Matty and Jake sitting on the the other side of the room, facing Gabby.  Gabby acted like a curtain, opening us to the new scene.  To start the scene, Matty and Jake chuckled at Gabby’s actions, then they looked at each other.  They sat on opposite sides of the screen.  The distance between them illustrated the tension in their relationship.  Rickards’ directing choices increased the emotional depth of the scene.

I don’t understand why Sergio is with Sadie.  As we saw in “The Dis-Engagement Dinner,” Sergio is a very sweet, respectable man who sees a family in his future.  During the episode, Sergio got mad at Sadie because of how rude she was being towards everyone.  I don’t know why Sergio would be surprised by this.  Doesn’t he know who he’s dating?  Nonetheless, Sergio and Sadie are an odd pairing.  I really have no idea why he likes her or even tolerates her.  Sergio is great for Sadie and brings out the best in her, but what does Sadie bring to the table?

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