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Welcome to College (SPOILERS)


Most people can relate to the fact that college is a big life change.  You’re put into a completely new environment with different people.  In “Cutting the Cord,” Sue struggled to adjust to her new home.  The core of her anxiety was due to the anticipation of her roommate’s arrival.  Sue’s roommate, Holly, showed up late, so Sue missed out on all of the freshmen roommate bonding activities.  And when Holly finally arrived, she was definitely not what Sue expected.  First off, she was a junior.  Secondly, she had the complete opposite personality of Sue.  Of course, Sue was very upset by this.  I greatly empathized with Sue in “Cutting the Cord.”  While it was a more serious topic for the sitcom, it was extremely realistic.  The writers did a great job balancing humor and heart.  So far, the writers of “The Middle” have created very truthful storylines about the lives of college students.

In “The Middle,” Brick has always been the forgotten child.  With his two siblings out of the house, I was hoping his parents would actually begin to acknowledge his existence, but so far, that has not been true.  I feel really bad for Brick.  I hope his parents start to interact with him more.  It could be an interesting relationship to develop and explore.

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