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It’s All Her Fault


“She’s Dying” was a very emotional episode of “How to Get Away with Murder.”  Annalise was the most vulnerable I’ve ever seen her.  This was because the biggest critic she had to confront was herself.  Annalise is a very strong, intelligent woman, but she is full of self-loathing.  Regret has been caving in on her.  This was a very tragic episode for Annalise and made me really empathize with her.

Per usual, Viola Davis (Annalise) brought depth and complexity to her character, proving why she won the Best Actress Emmy.  I was also impressed with Famke Janssen’s (Eve) acting.  She also had deeply emotional scenes, and I truly believed that Eve was in love with Annalise.  Davis and Janssen had amazing chemistry.

Throughout “She’s Dying,” I kept having to remind myself that Rebecca was dead, and not only that; she was murdered by Bonnie.  The characters took this rather lightheartedly.  Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank were all trying to ignore the situation.  What did they do with the body anyways?  Isn’t someone going to find out the truth eventually?  And the students kept joking about Rebecca’s disappearance.  I’m worried that the characters aren’t worried enough.  Rebecca’s death was one of the biggest plot points in the season one finale and now it’s just fizzled away.  I hope we are able to further explore that storyline in upcoming episodes.

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