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Needle in a Haystack (SPOILERS)


In “America,” the agent recruits joined forces with the analyst recruits to find credible evidence, figure out a terror plot, decide if the threat is imminent, and, if so, stop it.  In the end, Alex was the only one who realized that there was no imminent threat; Liam O’Connor was just playing them.  Though, when Alex tried to explain this all to her peers, I had difficulty following it.  In fact, I had trouble keeping up with the assignment throughout the whole episode.  I understood the gist of it, but it definitely wasn’t clear.

I don’t understand why Shelby is attracted to Caleb.  As we saw in the pilot episode, she is physically attracted to him; however, even she has admitted that his personality douses that attraction.  Shelby recognizes that Caleb is arrogant and immature; however, she continues to fall head over heels for him.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

“Quantico” is like the FBI version of “How to Get Away with Murder.”  Just like “How to Get Away with Murder,” it’s about a group of recruits and it deals with the law.  In both shows, an extreme, violent event occurs, and the recruits are somehow involved in the event.  Both series shuffle between past and present as the characters try to figure out whodunit.  Can two shows like this exist, or is there only room for one?

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