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At Least One Slim Grin


Sullivan Stapleton’s (Kurt) performance in “Eight Slim Grins” was very poor.  He always talks in the same tone.  It sounds like a mix between anger and exhaustion.  In “Eight Slim Grins,” Kurt had emotional moments (or was supposed to).  For example, when Jane argued with Kurt about staying in the car, he got angry at her (or at least that’s what was inferred from the dialogue).  Kurt began to raise his voice, but then stopped.  It was as if Stapleton finally realized he was starting to act and got scared.  Then he backed off, and once again, Kurt’s voice sounded the same as it always did.  I couldn’t make myself believe that Kurt was truly angry or upset.  Stapleton’s acting (or lack there of) took me out of the story.  Stapleton really needs to dive into his character’s emotions or else I’ll never be able to appreciate Kurt and his story.

“Blindspot” needs some humor or comic relief.  It just too serious.  And while it is a drama, it can still have moments that make you smile or laugh.  “Blindspot” just isn’t making me feel anything– no happiness, no sadness, nothing.

“Blindspot” has the potential to be something great.  At its core, it’s extremely fascinating.  It’s a puzzle about finding identity and solving crimes.  However, the writers and actors aren’t delivering.

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