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We Never Talk About It Anymore


Between best friends Jenna and Tamara, Tamara is the more optimistic and bubbly one.  While she may be overly enthusiastic at times, she keeps Jenna levelheaded.  However, in “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” Tamara didn’t act like a best friend.  She called Jenna a relationship saboteur.  She claimed that Jenna was responsible for all her failed relationships.  A best friend should be honest, but not accusatory.  Attacking Jenna’s failures was very harsh and extremely out of character for Tamara.  As we’ve seen throughout the show, Tamara is the last person who would ever deliberately hurt Jenna.  Her words cut deep and haunted Jenna for the entirety of the episode.  This dialogue could have been written better so that Tamara’s intentions were helpful rather than hurtful.

My favorite dialogue in “Don’t Dream It’s Over” was between Jenna and Jake when he showed up outside her bedroom.  In order to figure out if she was truly a relationship saboteur, Jenna asked Jake if she was the reason their relationship ended.  Like the other characters, Jake had almost forgotten he and Jenna dated.  “Oh my god, we did, didn’t we?… Yeah, we never talk about it anymore,” he said.  I thought this was hilarious because the writers rarely bring up Jenna and Jake’s past relationship.  Team Jake used to be a big part of season one and season two, but that has since faded away as Matty and Jenna’s other ex’s gained importance.  The writers were clever in writing this dialogue.  It added to the humor.

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