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No Hard Feelings


The creative team for “Quantico” is doing a great job at keeping the mystery alive.  Each episode, we learn a bit more about the characters and they become more and more suspicious.  Everyone has secrets to hide, and I can’t want for when they start to spill.

“Cover” was all about heavy-handed life lessons.  Miranda pitted the recruits against each other.  They revealed the harsh truths about each other and ended up fighting because of it.  It was like watching a bunch of children call each other names.  But at the end of the episode, they all made up.  No one wanted to go to bed with hurt feelings.  They learned the importance of forgiveness.  I felt like I was watching a Disney Junior show, not a primetime thriller.  It was so forced and unrealistic.

Is it just me, or is Alex too perfect?  She’s beautiful for one thing.  She’s also super smart and successful.  So far, she’s the only recruit who has gotten everything right.  She’s nice to everyone.  She did kill her father, but once we discovered her story and found out that it was in self-defense, I just pitied her.  But Alex is so perfect to the point where I find her unbelievable and a bit boring.  I want to see Alex’s flaws.  I want to see her vulnerable.

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