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The Big Letdown (SPOILERS)


Val is back!  She traveled the world, learning new things about herself.  And now she finally realizes what she wants in life.  When Lacey asked how Val was able to visit so many countries in such a short amount of time, Val said that she just went to Epcot.  It was hilarious and totally something Val would do.

My favorite line in “The Big Reveal” came from Tamara.  Tamara mentioned to Jenna that she was still upset about the Adam situation.  “You fired the gun, but I loaded it,” Tamara said.  I loved the metaphor in this line.

Some great dialogue in “The Big Reveal” was when Lacey confessed to Kevin that she had sent Matty away during spring break.  Before admitting what she had done, Lacey warned Kevin not to blame everything on her hormones.  Then, Lacey went and had an argument with herself.  Kevin tried to butt in, but Lacey kept putting words in his mouth.  It was hilarious.

In “The Big Reveal,” there was one scene in particular that had very bad acting.  Sadie, Matty, and Jake stood around the college acceptance map in the hallway of their high school.  Sadie was on her phone.  She mentioned that she was texting her mother.  Matty talked to her about it.  The conversation was extremely forced and awkward.  The characters didn’t have any emotion and didn’t make any facial expressions.  The blocking in the scene didn’t help either.  They stood far enough away so that their conversation was made public, while extras stood around them.  It was a really poor performance from all involved.  Thank goodness Jenna showed up and interrupted the dialogue.

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