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The Mid-Life Crisis


In “The Shirt,” a usually predictable Mike wore a Hawaiian shirt and bought a motorcycle.  Brick called both Sue and Axl in order to update them on their father’s new choices.  It was really sweet to see all three siblings talking to each other even though they were in separate locations.  I’m glad that the writers are keeping the characters close.

Now that two of the Heck children have left the nest, a lot more time has been spent at their college campus than in previous seasons.  It helps that both Sue and Axl go to the same school.  Having more scenes take place on campus will allow for a wide range of new scenarios and interactions.  It should be interesting.

At the end of “The Shirt,” Axl and Devin decided to make their relationship an open relationship so that they could see other people as well.  Of course, Axl thought this was a great idea.  However, I have a feeling that things won’t go as well as Axl expected…

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