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We’ve Been Down This Road Before (SPOILERS)


Carter’s storyline in “Anywhere But Here” focused on her desire to drop out of school.  She claimed that school just wasn’t for her.  It was difficult.  She wasn’t able to learn in that type of environment.  And most importantly, it destroyed her self-esteem.  I was able to believe all of this because of how much I’ve come to know Carter as a character.  However, it would have been much more effective if we were shown scenes of Carter struggling rather than just being told she was struggling.  If I actually saw how school affected her, especially while she was in class, I would have sympathized with her more.

In season one of “Finding Carter,” Taylor had feelings for Gabe, and even acted on those feelings.  They went on a date.  That’s when both of them realized and agreed that they were more like brother and sister than lovers.  But now Gabe has feelings for Taylor.  These feelings may just be due to the fact that Taylor is the only person really looking out for Gabe, but it seems like Taylor has feelings as well.  They’ve been down that path before and it didn’t work, so why are we revisiting this?  Why are the writers so keen to break up Taylor and Max?

“Anywhere But Here” ended on a huge cliffhanger.  Lori showed up outside Carter’s work and said, “We need to talk.”  What could this be about?  It can’t be good…

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