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Moral Compass


For the past two episodes of “How to Get Away with Murder,” Annalise has had to defend people she knows are guilty.  It has been interesting to see her in this type of situation.  She has to do her job even though it’s morally wrong.  Annalise is definitely conflicted even if she won’t admit it.

Crazy killer Connor is back.  After Sam died in season one and after leaving Annalise bleeding on the floor this season, Connor was in a frenzy.  He was pale and sweaty, and had a twisted smile on his face as he tried to make jokes.  He is always the most distraught out of the group.  I love watching Jack Falahee (Connor) explore this aspect of his character.  His acting is superb.

I just realized that while the audience knows who killed Lila, the rest of the characters don’t (other than Frank, of course).  Will the other characters ever find out?  It seems like they’re all very involved in other cases at the moment to even worry about figuring out the truth behind Lila’s death.  Has that ship sailed?

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