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The writers of “The Middle” excel at subtle comedy.  Frustrated that his father wouldn’t let him ride the motorcycle, Axl decided to prove he’s worthy.  “I’m going to do something dangerous to prove I’m responsible enough to ride your motorcycle,” he said.  Axl’s logic baffles me at times.  Later on, Frankie made reference to Axl’s behavior when trying to avoid involvement in Rusty’s business plans.  “All our discretionary money has recently gone to a motorcycle and a possible upcoming hospital visit,” she said.  She was so lackadaisical about it, which added to the humor.

Norm MacDonald does a great job at portraying Rusty.  As we all know, Rusty isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and isn’t good at social queues.  He talks slowly and monotonously, not showing much expression.  He’s very childlike.  MacDonald’s portrayal of a naive and ignorant Rusty fits the character perfectly.

Brad has officially come out to Sue!  It was a quick scene.  We didn’t even hear Brad say the actual words, but Sue said what we were all thinking, “I know.”  I’m glad that the writers didn’t make a fuss about Brad coming out.  It was important in the context of Brad and Sue’s relationship, but it wasn’t important for the plot of the episode.  The writers made sure not to let that scene take away from Sue’s story.

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