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All The Feels (SPOILERS)


“Meet Bonnie” was like catnip for Coliver fans.  Connor told Oliver that he loves him.  Unfortunately, the couple wasn’t alone, so Oliver didn’t get a chance to respond, or did he?  After Connor expressed his love for Oliver, Michaela walked into the room.  She asked Oliver if he found the video yet.  A bit startled, Oliver responded, “No, but I’m getting closer.”  Could this have been a response to Connor as well?  This scene was expertly written.

The Best Actor trophy for “Meet Bonnie” goes to Matt McGorry (Asher).  Asher was more challenged in “Meet Bonnie” than he’s ever been before.  He was told that his girlfriend killed Sam.  And then he debated on whether or not to report her.  This made him both stressed and angry.  I have never seen Asher so threatening before as when he confronted Annalise about Sam’s death.  On top of that, Asher realized that his father always puts himself first even when his son needs him.  Asher teared up as he questioned his father about this.  Lastly, Asher found out about Bonnie’s childhood.  He watched the images as he squinted in horror, disgust, and anguish.  I’ve never seen him so upset before.  Asher responded to all of these situations with a wide range of emotions.  McGorry was astounding at portraying these emotions while sticking true to Asher’s cocky and naive behavior.

Liza Weil (Bonnie) also had a great performance in “Meet Bonnie.”  Fearing for her life, Bonnie begged Asher to stay silent.  Tears streamed down her face and her nose ran.  Creases covered her face as her emotions took over.  It was upsetting to see Bonnie so distraught.  Weil went all in to make her character really come to life.

In “Meet Bonnie” was the first time Annalise freaked out about the possibility of getting caught for Sam’s murder.  She thought they were done for.  She ran out of ideas.  It made me nervous to see Annalise in this state.  She’s the one person who always seems to have a grasp on the situation, but in “Meet Bonnie,” she started losing control.

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