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“Quantico” is starting to get exciting and suspenseful.  We’re learning more and more about these questionable characters.  Each episode, we see another recruit after the terrorist attack.  In “Kill,” we met up with Shelby.  It’s interesting to see where the characters are after their time in Quantico.

Since the terrorist attack, we have been learning about events that happened during Quantico training that we have yet to see.  Simon got cut from the program.  And Alex found out the truth about Shelby’s parents (whatever that may entail).  The writers are giving us insight into these characters’ futures.  We know what’s going to happen to these characters before they do, making the storyline at Quantico more predictable.  I’m curious as to how these events will be revealed in the Quantico training timeline.

In “Kill,” we learned why Nimah and Raina were recruited by the FBI.  Miranda’s son was influenced by a terror organization.  She wants to stop threats like this in the future, and she believes that Nimah and Raina are key to that.  Unfortunately, these types of terror threats are becoming more popular in modern-day America.  I’m glad that the writers are taking note of this.

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