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Finding the Truth (SPOILERS)


In “Found,”  Alex met with people from the Dark Web so she could tell her story.  When they first met, they were in a dark area that looked like a basement.  Later on when the FBI located where they were broadcasting from, we found out that it was in the basement of a mosque.  This was a great reveal because at that moment, both the audience and the FBI realized how clever Alex really was.  She knew that there was no way they would be able to capture her at that location.

In “Found,” we had the potential to discover why Liam thinks Alex is a threat.  At the off-campus assignment, Miranda was trying to get Liam drunk so he would tell her why.  Unfortunately, that was the last we saw of them together, so we never saw their actual conversation.  The next time we saw Miranda, she told Ryan that Alex is indeed a threat.  What did Liam tell her?  That scene was such a tease.

Alex and Ryan hooked up again.  And I have to say, it was one of the most cheesy scenes I’ve ever seen on TV.  The lines were so clichéd.  They stood in the dark, empty bar wearing their tux and gown.  They asked each other what they were escaping from.  Ryan told Alex that he lied to his ex-wife by telling his ex that he still loved her.  “How do I know you won’t lie to me too?” Alex asked.  Then it was Alex’s turn to explain what she was escaping from.  “One day I just started running,” she said.  “Well, why don’t you stop?” Ryan asked.  “I never have,” she said.  “You know, it’s ok to stop,” Ryan said.  “I want to know how,” Alex said.  “I’ll help you,” he responded.  Throughout the conversation, they whispered to each other with seduction.  This whole conversation unfolded while they stood inches from each other, stroked each other, and slowly took off one another’s clothes.  This scene was super dramatic.

We learned a lot more about Simon in “Found.”  He finally spilled his secrets to Elias.  Though, I still find Simon to be the most suspicious out of all of the recruits.  Elias questioned Max (Simon’s “boyfriend”) about Simon.  During their conversation, Max said, “He messaged me once, out of the blue–mutual friend–and asked me to take a photo with him by Grand Central of all places.”  The words “Grand Central” stood out to me.  The terrorist attack took place at Grand Central.  Could that be a clue that Simon is the terrorist?

Speaking of Elias, who the hell is this guy?  I have never met anyone in my life lacking so many boundaries.  He is like a stalker.  He has been this way ever since we were introduced to him.  It’s like he already had it out for Simon even before he met him.  Elias is a complete caricature.  He is unbelievable and makes the storyline less believable.

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