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Land of Emotions (SPOILERS)


There has been a strong focus on Mike this season.  After six seasons, he’s finally starting to express emotions.  We’ve never seen him vulnerable before.  I’m glad that the writers are exploring this side of Mike.

I had been wondering what happened to the handsome Logan who saved Sue’s prom night.  Sue texted Logan over the summer, but never heard back.  Once reunited, Sue found out that Logan didn’t get the message because Sue had the wrong number.  This is a prime example of when technology fails us, especially when it complicates relationships.  I really hope Sue and Logan run into each other again.

In “Land of the Lost,” Brick mentioned that Cindy was trying out for volleyball the weekend he visited Sue.  So, we know that Brick and Cindy are still together, but we still haven’t followed up on his storyline from “Not Your Brother’s Drop Off.”  Cindy wanted to take their relationship to the next level, but Brick didn’t know what that meant.  Does he know now?  Is their relationship at that next level?  Unfortunately, I have a feeling this storyline will never be resolved.

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