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Crossing Over Into the Twilight Zone (SPOILERS)


“Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death” paid homage to “The Twilight Zone.”  Brick served as the narrator as he told three separate stories about his family’s Halloween.  The stories both started and ended in black and white.

The first story was about Frankie, Sue, and the Glossners.  As Frankie and Sue egged the Glossners’ house, we saw a view of the house from behind Frankie and Sue.  All of a sudden, a large shadow loomed over the house.  Immediately, I knew it was Rita Glossner.  I waited in anticipation for the Heck women to realize their fate.  This scene was well-directed and added to the eerie atmosphere of the episode.

Once Frankie was caught egging the Glossners’ house, she chased Rita into the woods.  The camera followed them through the trees.  The camera footage was extremely shaky, which added to the havoc of the scene.  It exaggerated the scenario.  This reminded me of a horror film.  In this first story, director, Elliot Hegarty, did an amazing job keeping true to the Halloween theme.

Probably the most frightening part of “Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death” was seeing Kenny’s face.  For two seasons, we’ve seen the back of Kenny’s head, his face glued to his computer screen.  But in “Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death,” Kenny looked up.  Even Axl and Hutch were shocked.  Kenny even spoke.  He explained the Grim Reaper’s role.  Once he was done speaking, he put his head back down and we never saw his face again.

My favorite line in “Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death,” was when Brick said, “Yes!  Yes!  Did you hear that, dad?  Four times!  That’s one more than you and mom,” after he found out that his “future” self has four children.  Oh, Brick is so naive; it’s adorable.  But of course, he has his mind in the gutter like ever other boy his age.  I think that may be the most normal Brick has ever behaved.

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