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In the beginning of “God.,” Ryan woke up to a phone call from Alex.  Ryan was in bed with Natalie.  After his phone call, Ryan took a shower and Natalie joined him.  In the blur of bodies, the scene transitioned into the past so that Ryan and Alex were now the ones in the shower together.  This was a clever transition in time and also emphasized the change in Ryan’s relationships.

As we found out from the previous episode, Miranda’s son, Charlie, was released on parole.  In “God.,” we dove deeper into their strained relationship.  Miranda has extreme trust issues, and actress, Aunjanue Ellis, excelled at expressing those.  With lots of accusations flying, I’m not completely sure if Charlie was guilty or if it was all a misunderstanding.  This was a very interesting plotline and added layers to Miranda’s character.

In “God.,” we found out that Deputy Director Clayton is Caleb’s father.  The casting team did an amazing job in casting this father/son pair.  Mark Pellegrino (Clayton) and Graham Rogers (Caleb) share many similar features.

“God.” was the best episode of “Quantico” yet.  Everything is finally starting to come together.  And it’s getting interesting.  “God.” ended with several surprise bombshells: Shelby’s affair, a message to Charlie from an unknown source, Simon discovering the twins and getting locked in a closet, and surveillance of the twins at the bomb site.  God knows what will happen next…

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