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Two Birds, One Millstone, and Several Bombshells (SPOILERS)


Annalise’s court case in “Two Birds, One Millstone,” was about a trans woman, Jill Hartford, who murdered her abusive husband.  Jill was played by Alexandra Billings, an actual trans actress.  I applaud the casting team for casting a trans woman.  Also, the writers were very respectful to the trans community.  In a dialogue between Jill and Annalise, we learned the problems trans women can face with domestic abuse and the criminal justice system.  The writing was subtle, but powerful.  It wasn’t heavy-handed, and it didn’t overshadow the rest of the plot.  This whole storyline was expertly executed.

“Two Birds, One Millstone,” ended with several jaw dropping bombshells.  First, we (and Bonnie) found out that Tiffany from Trotter Lake was gang raped.  Secondly, Catherine and Caleb’s secret cousin spied on Oliver and Connor.  He showed no emotion as he watched the couple accuse him of murder.  Lastly, we saw Frank dispose of two bodies.  The last scene of “Two Birds, One Millstone,” shuffled between present and future.  Frank took Rebecca’s body from Bruno and placed her in the trunk of his car.  He then drove the car to the woods.  Frank took Rebecca’s body out of the car.  While doing so, Annalise called Frank to make sure he was getting the job done.  He said that he was taking care of it.  Frank lifted Rebecca over his shoulder and started carrying her into the woods.  Then, we saw a montage of shots.  We saw flashes of Rebecca dying, Annalise bleeding, and Catherine.  After these flashes, Frank continued to walk into the woods, except Catherine’s body was the one over his shoulder.  He laid Catherine on the ground in the woods.  Police came, and Catherine woke up.  Those last few minutes were a lot to take in.  For one, I was not expecting Catherine to be alive.  Also, we still don’t exactly know what happened to Rebecca.  Was she buried?  The way director Mike Listo transitioned between these two bodies was super clever.  It caught me off guard, adding to the suspense and unpredictability of the episode.

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