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Reality Does Not Bite


Lacey always has good intentions, but her words and actions can be a hit or miss.  In “Reality Does Not Bite,” however, Lacey pinned the tail right on the donkey.  She tried to convince an upset and disappointed Jenna to go back to prom.  “But if you sit around waiting for everything to be perfect, life is going to pass you by while you’re eating ice cream in your pajamas,” she said.  That line really resonated with me and can be applied to any person in any situation.  Life isn’t meant to be perfect.  It’s a messy journey.

At the enchanted themed prom, Lissa was dressed like Cinderella and her date, Theo, was in a similar Prince Charming suit.  Lissa was upset after finding out that most of the prom goers were at a party upstairs.  Theo and Cole decided to bring the party back downstairs to prom and spike the drinks.  After the attendees returned, Theo approached a disappointed Lissa as she slouched in her chair.  He apologized to her as he bent down and put her silver heels back on her feet.  This was a great added detail.

A cool transition in “Reality Does Not Bite” was the transition from Tamara and Adam knocking on the bathroom door to Matty knocking on Jenna’s bedroom door.  It was an ingenious way to connect the scenes.

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