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GO Away Elias! (SPOILERS)


My favorite line in “Go” was when Elias said, “This is feeling less like an exam and more like the last ten minutes of ‘Saw,'” when referring to their midterm exam.  That phrase perfectly described the situation.  They were trapped in a room and forced to undergo an exam that was more like a psychological game.

We have to talk about the elephant in the room: that awkward scene between Elias and Simon.  After running away during the exam, Elias was kicked out of the program.  Simon went to bid his “friend” goodbye, which was odd in itself (I know he had that heart to heart with Elias, but Elias was still a stalker).  As Simon said his goodbyes, Elias approached him.  The two fell silent and slowly Elias leaned in for a kiss.  I cringed, hoping Simon would pull away, but he didn’t.  He let Elias kiss him.  In fact, he kissed Elias back.  As they kissed, tears streamed down Elias’ face.  What was going on?  I have never understood the purpose of Elias’ character.  And I definitely didn’t understand this scene.  It was painful to watch, and Simon’s behavior was out of character.  I wish Elias didn’t exist.  He ruins the show.  Thank goodness he failed the exam.  We just have to wait and see if he makes an appearance in the timeline after the terrorist attack…

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