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We Don’t Want You to Die (SPOILERS)


“I Want You to Die” was definitely a whirlwind of an episode.  So much happened and so much was revealed.  There were several plot lines; it was almost hard to keep up.  This week’s case was about a creepy stalker accused of pushing a man to suicide.  Along with that, Nate returned to court, facing potential charges about his wife’s death.  Eve came back to represent Nate.  Eve discovered that Annalise is protecting Wes, and Annalise hinted that Wes is potentially her son.  Oliver finally met Annalise and actually joined the students at the house as he helped them on the Hapstall case.  The students decided to meet up with the secret baby, Philip.  Oliver was then kidnapped by Philip.  It was revealed what happened at Trotter Lake.  Bonnie found out that Annalise told Asher about her childhood.  We found out that Bonnie was the one who pushed Emily Sinclair to her death.  So many questions were answered in “I Want You to Die,” which I loved.  However, overall, the episode tackled too many storylines.  It was exhausting to watch.

As we’ve seen time and time again, the characters in “How to Get Away with Murder” constantly dance with danger.  They lie, cheat, steal, hack, tamper with evidence, and murder.  After flying under the radar for so long, they’ve finally been caught by their most dangerous enemy yet: Philip.  The students and Frank have become too cocky and were getting ahead of themselves.  Annalise realized this when she told them to cancel the meet up with Philip.  However, their suspect was one step ahead of them and now Oliver is in danger.  It was about time their luck ran out.  Their mistake also raised the stakes for the show.  The one innocent and highly likable character in “How to Get Away with Murder” is at risk and their impulsiveness is to blame.

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