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She’s Become a Hero (SPOILERS)


The opening scene of “She’s Come Undone” gave us a glimpse of the future.  We saw Carter and Ben trying to help an unconscious Olivia.  In the next scene, we travelled backwards ten hours.  Because of this opening, we knew what to expect: something bad was going to happen to Olivia, and Carter wasn’t going to spend her date night with Jared.

In “She’s Come Undone,” the gang went to a house concert.  It was like a music festival in someone’s backyard.  The set was decorated beautifully.  At night, the whole place was filled with lights.  It sparkled.  I wish I could have actually been there.

As much as Taylor tried to ignore the horrid situation she experienced at the college visit, she was greatly affected by it.  At the house concert, Taylor refused to drink.  It was very subtle, but Gabe took notice.  This was a good approach to illustrate how rapist can affect their victims.  Taylor blamed herself for the situation, and while she claimed that the events of that night were nothing, they haunted her.  Fortunately, Taylor was saved, but she was still living in fear.  I’m curious to see how she recovers over the course of the season.

Lori became a hero in “She’s Come Undone.”  In a stressful life-threatening situation, she maintained composure and saved the day.  Without her help, Olivia might not have recovered.  We’re not used to seeing Lori in this light, and it surprised me.  I’m starting to understand what Carter loves about her.

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