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Hello Philip… (SPOILERS)


“Hi, I’m Philip,” started with both Bonnie and Annalise thinking back to their conversation where Bonnie confronted Annalise about revealing her secret to Asher.  The director, Jennifer Getzinger, shuffled between shots of Bonnie and Annalise in present time and flash backs to that scene.  In the present, Bonnie sat naked in her shower, ignoring Asher’s phone call, while Annalise texted her mother for comfort.  It was a great way to open the episode.  It reminded us what occurred in the previous episode and also to showed how that conversation affected both women.

A great transition in “Hi, I’m Philip” was between the scene where Oliver met Philip and the scene where the students drove home after Annalise pulled the plug on the date.  Oliver feared for his life, but Philip said, “I don’t want to kill you.”  We then transitioned to the next scene and Laurel said, “So kill me for being a snitch.”  It was interesting to hear the word “kill” uttered twice in back to back sentences.  It connected the scenes and added emphasis to the word.

The biggest twist in “Hi, I’m Philip” was when Oliver and Philip showed up at Annalise’s house right after the group found out that Oliver was missing.  This was about five minutes into the episode.  After the previous episode, I expected Oliver’s disappearance to develop into a big storyline that would last at least a few episodes.  Once again, the creators of “How to Get Away with Murder” tricked me.  “How to Get Away with Murder” is anything but predictable.

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