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In “Homecoming II: the Tailgate,” Axl came home sick with a stomach bug and unfortunately spread it to the rest of the family.  Sue caught the bug at the football game while wearing the mascot costume.  Frankie and her mother, Pat, came to the rescue and escorted Sue from the game.  In the next scene, we saw the backs of two people’s heads, one leaning over a toilet and the other holding the sick person’s hair back.  Immediately, I thought it was Sue and Frankie, but then we saw their faces…  It was Pat holding Frankie’s hair back.  This informed us that the sickness kept spreading.  This scene also illustrated the parallel between Sue and Frankie’s relationship and Frankie and Pat’s relationship.  Like mother, like daughter…

Obviously, “Homecoming II: The Tailgate” was about the homecoming football game, but for which school?  Homecoming at my college was a much bigger deal than homecoming at my high school.  When “Homecoming II: The Tailgate” started, I thought it was about East Indiana State’s homecoming, especially since both Axl and Sue go there now.  But once Sue started talking about being the alumni representative for the class of 2015, I realized it was the high school’s homecoming.  It was a bit confusing for me.

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