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Let Her Go, Please (SPOILERS)


One of the subplots in “Never Let Me Go” was about Bird’s inability to climax during sex.  This plot was randomly introduced.  Bird, Carter, and Taylor were talking about having a triple date, then Bird went on to say that she had never climaxed with a guy before.  It just didn’t really fit in because they were talking about something positive-a group date-and then Bird shifted the conversation to something negative and personal.  It’s not like they were talking about sex.  After their brief conversation, Bird went back into the grocery store because she had forgotten something.  In her absence, Carter and Taylor went on to talk about Lori and the party.  The whole conversation just didn’t flow because of the mentioning of Bird’s issue.  It was as if the writers randomly stuck that dialogue in there because they didn’t know how else to introduce it.

Max’s storyline in “Never Let Me Go” was all about the anticipation of his father’s parole hearing.  The hearing wasn’t until the end of the episode.  Gabe joined him at court.  Then, the next time we saw Max, he was at Taylor’s house.  I was expecting to actually see the hearing, so I was disappointed when we didn’t.  Max is one of my favorite characters, and we had the opportunity to really dive into his past.  It would have been interesting to see the dynamic between him and his father.  What exactly did Max say?  How did Max’s father react towards Max?  I thought we were going to get so much more out of this storyline than we actually did.  It was a let down.

Carter is starting to warm up to Lori again.  Did she forget that Lori kidnapped her as a child and completely ruined her family’s life?  Lori is a criminal.  I can understand Carter having some feelings for Lori because Lori raised her, but does she not have any respect for her actual family?  Why would she continue to associate with someone who brought her family so much misery?  No wonder Elizabeth is upset.  In fact, I think she should be more upset.  How can the characters forget Lori’s horrible actions?  I just can’t wrap my brain around it.


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