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Planet of the Apes (SPOILERS)


The previous episode of “The Flash” ended with Barry unable to move his legs.  At the start of “Gorilla Warfare,” Barry took a few steps.  He was on the road to recovery; however, he wasn’t completely healed.  He spent a large portion of the episode sitting in a wheelchair.  This was a very interesting parallel to Dr. Wells of last season.

What I appreciate about “The Flash” is that it’s all about teamwork.  Without his team, the Flash would be unsuccessful.  Barry is just the face of this group of heroes.  In “Gorilla Warfare,” Barry was still recovering from his injury caused by Zoom.  Because of this, he wasn’t able to go out into the field as much; instead, he switched places with Cisco and Caitlin.  He stayed in the control room assisting them from afar while they dealt with Grodd in person.  It was interesting to see the characters trade places and work outside their comfort zone.

In “Gorilla Warfare,” Grodd was sent away to Earth 2.  He was transported to a tropical forest that resembled something out of “Planet and the Apes.”  Faces of apes were carved into cliffs and there seemed to be some sort of ape village.  I am still a bit confused about Earth 2.  I don’t completely understand its importance.  I also want to learn more about it.  How is it similar and different to our earth?  We’re slowly learning more and more, but it just doesn’t seem like the creative team knows all the answers either.


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