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Christophe (SPOILERS)


“What Did We Do?” started right where the previous episode left off.  Michaela just discovered the gun in the Haptall house.  She told Connor in hopes that he would help her figure out what to do.  In a response to Connor, Michaela said, “Not if we get rid of it,” referring to the gun.  Then, we cut to another scene.  “Shouldn’t we get rid of the painting,” Laurel said as her, Wes, Annalise, and Frank stood around the photograph of Philip with Catherine’s painting in the background.  The repetition of the words “get rid of” stuck in my mind.  The writers of “How to Get Away With Murder” constantly write clever phrases and excel at transitioning between scenes.

Throughout “What Did We Do?,” the lighting in the Hapstall house was very dark.  I joked that the students should turn on a light.  But the darkness added to the eerie atmosphere.

In “What Did We Do?” was the most vulnerable we’ve seen Asher yet.  Asher’s father committed suicide, and as expected, Asher was overcome with emotion.  He harbored feelings of sorrow, guilt, and revenge.  I’ve never seen him so upset or frightened before.  In multiple scenes, Asher was literally shaking from all the emotions.  I applaud Matt McGorry for his excellent performance.

In “What Did We Do?,” we saw Annalise’s thought process as she tried to get her students out of another sticky situation.  The camera spun around her as she clutched her head.  She panicked.  Her breathing quickened and her eyes watered.  Then suddenly, she had an epiphany and was all cool and collected.  It was interesting to see Annalise’s physical reactions during her thought processing.  Once again, Viola Davis blew me away with her performance.

Once Annalise came up with her plan, she made a phone call.  “Tell me you’re still at the house,” she said.  The first time we saw this scene, I thought Annalise was speaking to one of the students at the Hapstall house, but later on, we discovered that she was talking to Frank who was at her house.

The writers of “How to Get Away with Murder” are masters at the art of deception.  Halfway through the episode, we went back in time to discover how Sinclair died.  The flashback scenes were heavily focused on Nate.  We saw him meet with Sinclair in her car after they had a confrontation at the police station.  When he left her car, he looked suspicious.  Could he have killed Sinclair?  Later, we realize that Sinclair was still alive at that time.  Then, Asher showed up and the rest is history.  Even when Annalise received the news about Sinclair, the writers still made it appear like she was talking to Nate.  Annalise got a call from Nate, and he told her that he was having issues with Sinclair.  We then cut to another scene.  Eventually, we came back to Annalise.  The camera started to spin as she realized that they were in trouble.  I thought she was still on the phone with Nate.  Later in the episode, we realized that she was on a different phone call, talking to Bonnie.

The truth about Sinclair’s death wasn’t the big bombshell of “What Did We Do?” and neither was discovering who shot Annalise.  No, the biggest bombshell was the final scene of the episode when we met Christophe.  Annalise begged for mercy as Wes threatened to shoot her again.  She muttered the name Christophe.  We then went back in time to ten years prior.  A young boy, Christophe, was being questioned about his mother’s death.  Hiding behind a one-way mirror, Annalise and Eve watched as Christophe/Wes was being questioned.  “What did we do?” Eve asked (title drop!).  Did Annalise and Eve kill Wes’ mother?  And why were they allowed to observe his questioning?

The casting of Christophe/young Wes was spot on.  The actor, Issac Ryan Brown, not only looked like Wes, he had his same mannerisms.  In stressful situations, Wes always seems relatively calm.  Christophe lacked any emotion when being questioned.

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