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It’s a Tough Pill to Swallow (SPOILERS)


It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and in “The Death of the Heart,” someone definitely got hurt.

At the beginning of the episode, Bird and Seth made the big announcement that both of them got summer jobs in New York and were going to be living there together.  It sounded like paradise for the two love birds… what could go wrong?

Feeding into the DJ stereotype, Seth was a user of the drug molly.  While DJing at one of Carter’s parties, Seth asked Bird for the drug.  Later, we saw Ben deal to Seth (remember, Ben is dealing to pay off his debt to Jared).  Any-who, as can sometimes happen with illegal drugs, Seth received a bad pill.  It was so bad that it killed him.  It was heartbreaking, but definitely a wake-up call for the characters.  Drug use has serious risks.  While “Finding Carter” constantly highlights underage drinking, drug use, and partying, it also makes aware the dangers of it, educating it’s young viewers.

The best storyline in “The Death of the Heart” was Max’s.  He is the most likable character on the show.  And while he isn’t perfect, the audience is always on his side, cheering him on.  In “The Death of the Heart,” Max and Taylor visited Max’s mother since Max’s father was just released from prison.  Unfortunately, Max showed up at his mother’s house to find his father already there.  We got to meet Max’s father and learn more about his harmful behavior.  We saw how easily Max’s mother fell for his father.  And we saw Max’s anger reach a boiling point.  Amongst all this negativity, we also learned about the positive moments from Max’s childhood.  Max loved listening to his parents sing together.  Even with all the dark times, he still has some happy memories.  The whole storyline was very interesting and had us exploring Max’s character more than ever before.

Out of spite, Elizabeth pulled Lori over, trying to get her caught for drunk driving.  Lori explained that she didn’t drink anymore because she’s on medications.  This is the first time we’ve heard of her taking medications for her mental illness.  I appreciate the writers incorporating this information into the show.  In this day and age, it is important to talk about mental illness.  The writers continue to educate their audience and encourage them to keep up this dialogue.


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